Worthi Journey Map

Journey Map Entice Enter Engage Exit Extend
Goals Find information about the role of a data analyst Understand job data for role of a data analyst Explore roles related to data analytics and know what skills are required to qualify for those roles Learn a new skill Track progress towards career goal
Actions Asks friends and co-workers. Google searches "data analyst salary" Clicks on the Data Analyst Role Results and learns about various aspects of the role Learns about new roles through the Explore Related Roles section, uses the Skills Explorer to understand which roles require which skills and connect with online courses to learn those skills, makes a profile to save results, analyzes her personalized job data Enrolls in an online course to learn a skill Returns to track her progress and continue learning new skills
Thoughts I wonder what it's like to be a data analyst. I hear they make good money.... This role seems like it could be a good fit for me! I like seeing more than just the salary. Ooo, what are these other related roles? So many of my skills could transfer to a new job, but I would still need to learn several more. How easy! It's connected to quality online courses. I'm ready to start growing my skills! Look like I'm almost done with this class. What skills should I add to my resume next?
Feelings Curious, overwhelmed, confused Intrigued, excited Motivated, relieved, optimistic Inspired, confident Accomplished, propelled, satisfied
Touchpoints Google Ads, referral programs, friend's recommendation Role Results Role Results, Related Roles, Roles Search, Skills Explorer, FAQ Page, Onboarding Questionnaire, Profile, Personalized calculator, Bookmarked roles + courses Online Course Provider Profile, Bookmarks
Possible Solutions Advertising campaign including targeted ads Search engine optimization for all Role Results pages Humanized data for each Role Results page. Skills Explorer to connect skills with courses. Profile with the ability to save results. Personalized job data. Network of Online Course Providers with student outcome data Profile with a learning tracker
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